June 06, 2011

The City Council of Vergas met in regular session at 6:30 p.m., on Monday, 06-06-11, in

Council Chambers, Community Center with the following members present:  Mayor Dean Haarstick, Council Members Scott Goodman, Paul Pinke, Kevin Zitzow and Shawn Day.  Absent:  None.  Also present: Clerk/Treasurer Julie Lammers, Utilities Superintendent Mike DuFrane, Liquor Store Manager Carol Sharp, Attorney Nathaniel D. Welte of Peloquin & Minge, P.A., Barbie Porter of Frazee Forum, Marshal Rach, Pat Shannon, Craig Johnson, Tyanne Jacobson, Jeff Stabnow and Ray Sonnenberg.

Mayor Dean Haastick called the meeting to order.

Motion was made by Pinke, and carried to approve the agenda with the following additions: League of Minnesota Cities Conference, PERA, Mileage, and Building Permit (James Courtneya).

Motion was made by Day, and carried to approve the minutes of the May 2, 2011, May 17, 2011 and May 24, 2011 meetings.

Motion was made by Goodman, and carried to approve the following building permits: An addition for Anthony Soland/Skal, Inc., a basement for Scott Vigen, Shingling for Marian Dahlman, and a shed for James Courneya.  Motion carried.

The motion was made by Goodman, and carried to approve Vergas Lions Charitable Gambling permits for calendar raffle in September. 

Pat Shannon introduced Craig Johnson who then reviewed a plan for landscaping around the community center.  Council questioned Utilities Superintendent Mike DuFrane on snow removal and he said if they stay 15 feet back from street there should be no problem.  Council thanked Shannon and Johnson for the work on the beatification project. Shannon questioned changing the name from Vergas Community Center to Vergas Event Center.  Shannon informed the Council that the front of building needs repair; some of the wood is rotten on both sides and the brick is plastic and needs to be replaced.  Shannon said he would check into the cost of the repairs. 

Motion was made by Pinke, and carried to approve landscaping plans presented and for the beatification committee to go forward with the project. 

Water heater report was given by Tyanne Jacobson on the dishwasher.

Motion was made by Pinke, and carried to approve getting bids for an on demand water heater for the dishwasher at the Community Center.  Pinke will get bids and discussed Council holding a special meeting so the next two large events would have hot water for dishwasher.

Planning Commission minutes were reviewed by Goodman.  Terry Bennet has requested approval of plot map to sell his lots on Loon Lake.  Planning Commission advised council to agree to plot if Bennet provides the following: 100 foot set back from lake, 20 foot set back from the road and 150 foot set back from High water line.  Bennett brought a new map with all the changes the planning commission requested of him.  Bennett questioned the request and asked that they consider the original map (planning commission found map did not meet ordinance).  Attorney explained that the new lot line is on the current plat drawing meets the Vergas shoreline ordinance. Council Member Zitzow explained that we have ordinance for a reason and a variance will be very difficult to approve.  Nate asked Bennett to review variance process and item was tabled to later in the meeting.     

Attorney reviewed Kinetic lease of a pay loader and it is about the same as last years he did inform the Council that if they decide to buy this it may not follow of the competitive bidding process.  DuFrane explained we did have three bids for a pay loader.

Motion was made by Goodman and carried to approve leasing pay loader from Kinetic Leasing.

Clerk/Treasurer Julie Lammers informed council that 32 dog licenses were sold on May 19 at the Pet License and Vaccination Clinic and four have been sold at City Hall. The motion was made by Goodman and carried to have Lammers send letters to dog owners that have not purchased them and for them to get a license by next meeting.

Day explained he has been alerted of a problem at the Recycling Center-it has been suggested that only landowners of Vergas use the facility.   Day read sign he is requesting be placed at the facility.  Day explained he has received a bid of $459.47 and that he would like to give townships until next meeting if they would like to financially assist in the yard waste area.  If sign does not work in the future we may need to fence area and have the area manned. 

Motion by Day and carried to have Lammers send letter to Dora, Hobart, and Candor townships if they would like to annually invest in yard waste facility.   

Day mentioned he has had several residents complain of other residents burning garbage in Vergas.  Attorney Nathaniel D. Welte said he would look in to this matter and send Lammers a letter by the end of the week.

Utilities Superintendent Mike DuFrane mentioned a complaint has come regarding Town Line road regarding rocks. Ray Sonnenberg of Hobart Township and council reviewed road. A general remedy for this is to excavate them out of the road.  DuFrane has pictures of six inch holes in road.  Gravel is off to the side of the road.  Ray Sonnenberg mentioned they have a different person grading the road now so they may grade differently than in the past.  This is something we may want to keep an eye on this.  Attorney Welte explained there office cannot assist in this matter due to conflict of interest.  We may need some gravel on this road.  Debrushing Town Line Road was discussed and if they would like to do this it would need to come to a Hobart Township board meeting.  Council Member Pinke said he would attend the next Hobart Township meeting.

Public Utilities Superintendent Michael DuFrane reported on his departments activities. 

Questioned the rate of snowplowing –takes about 20 minutes to plow Town line Road which we need to bill percentage to Hobart Township based on agreement.  Council asked Lammers to contact Hobart Township and find out there snowplow rate and DuFrane to contact contractors on rates. 

Pro Sweep Inc was contacted to sweep the streets in the community and it was not done very well.  DuFrane was to meet them at 5:30 a.m. and he seen them leaving town at 5:15 a.m.  The second guy did not come to town until 6:30 a.m. and left by 8:30 a.m. Residents are still asking when sweeper was going to come into town.  Motion by Pinke and carried to write letter to be signed by clerk to Pro Sweep regarding sweeping.

Road repair is needed on Mill St, DuFrane questioned if he could get that patch done at the same time as the other asphalt is done in the City.  Motion by Goodman and carried to allow DuFrane to get area patched. 

At the May meeting Council asked about pillars at ballpark they are $25.00 a piece and we need 10 of them. 

Mulch is needed in parks and we can get if for $30 a yard.  Motion by Goodman and carried to get a cubic yard of mulch from crossroad landscaping. 

Council was provided bids from At Ease Dock & Lift for $9,915.00 and J&K for $8,928 for a dock.  No one has heard anything from the Long Lake Association.   DuFrane questioned if there is any grants out for this dock.  We will look into this for the July meeting.  Attorney Nathaniel D. Welte explained that based on Stat 471.345 you may consider best value in comparative bidding.  Council asked if we could talk to J& K about getting a bid for Vinyl. 

Lawn mower deck has fallen apart and a new one is needed.  DuFrane presented two options:  Gold Series 173CC 21 in High Wheel 3-in1 Self Propelled Mower for $285.00 or a Cub Cadet 173CC 19 on 3-n-1 Self-Propelled Mower for $289. DuFrane commented he would prefer the variable speed mower.  Motion by Goodman to purchase a Gold Series 173CC 21 in High Wheel 3-in1 Self Propelled Mower for $285.00 from Vergas Hardware.  Voting Yes:  Day, Goodman and Zitzow. Abstain: Pinke. Motion carried.

The City truck engine light is on and speedometer does not work.  Motion by Day to repair truck by Vergas Auto for $754.96.  Vote yes: Day, Goodman Pinke. Abstain: Zitzow Motion carried.

The Lions have asked to move recycling cans from behind the community center to the ball diamond.  They have also asked to put a trailer by the recycling bins by the recycling center.    Council said that DuFrane should check with the county.  Brush pile needs to be burned –we may want to look into it being chipped.  DuFrane was asked to get quotes for tree removal and for chipping.  Congratulated Mike on taking down trees and removing stumps. 

Bennett decided he would like to revisit the plan that he brought tonight.  Bennett will need to have a land mar map to the City.  Motion by Goodman and carried to approve plot for Bennett.

New City forms need to have approval dates on them.   Discussed Citizen Concern form.  Motion by Day, seconded by Zitow to approve Citizen Form with change of spelling of handling and approval date on form.  Motion Carried. 

Day explained he drove around town as a weed inspector and has seen many nuisance violations.   

Motion by Day for planning commission to take a day twice a year to access the City of Vergas on violations of the ordinance.  Goodman requested only once a year.      Day rescinded motion. 

Motion by Day for planning commission to take a day once a year to access the City of Vergas for violations of the nuisance ordinance.  Motion carried.

Otter Tail County Assessor’s Department sent a reminder that each City must have at least one certified trained individual present at the 2012 Local Board of Appeal and Equalization (LBAE) meeting.  Zitzow has LBAE training but we may want to have someone attend this course.  Day said he could take the course on Monday, June 27, 2011 at the Fergus Falls Bigwood event Center.

Motion was made by Pinke, and carried to approve Liquor Store bills totaling $16,462.61.

Motion was made by Goodman, and carried to approve bills paid between Council and Council bills subtracting the Minnesota Association of Small Cities for a total of $20,747.46.

Motion was made by Goodman, and carried to move July 4, 2011 Council meeting to the following Monday, July 11, 2011.

Day requested permission to attend a workshop on Wednesday, June 15, 2011 an addition to the regular conference of the League of Minnesota Cities for $120 titled “Dealing with difficult Personalities”. 

Motion was made by Zitzow, for Day to attend workshop on “Dealing with Difficult Personalities” at the League of MN Cities Conference.  Voting yes: Pinke, Goodman and Zitzow.  Abstained: Day. Motion carried.

DuFrane informed council the Sewers will be jetted in June. 

Lammers provided Public Employee Retirement Association (PERA) information to Council.

Motion by Pinke and carried to establish policy that the City of Vergas will reimburse mileage at the rate established by the IRS.  

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Clerk-Treasurer Julie Lammers, CMC

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